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Vista Broadband Increases Network Capacity in Cloverdale Area

Santa Rosa, CA - The close of 2016 brought improved bandwidth capacities for Vista Broadband in the Cloverdale area. As part of its ongoing infrastructure improvement protocol, one of its key core sites responsible for serving northern Sonoma County was upgraded with improved fiber optic and microwave capabilities. This improvement allows Vista to deliver unprecedented speeds and reliability to customers in remote locations that are otherwise out of reach of conventional telco providers. In addition, to further enhance the reliability of its service offerings, Vista has also implemented a secondary/redundant network path out of Cloverdale as part of its commitment to high reliability.

Vista has slated many such infrastructure upgrades across its Northern California plant for 2017 as it moves to continually support the growing bandwidth demand placed on its facilities. While Vista can deliver Gbps fiber Internet to its core areas, it’s better known for its ability to deliver equivalent commercial class wireless Internet to remote business locations such as wineries. This service comes with a standard SLA that easily rivals fiber optic performance while staying extremely competitive against pricing typically found in the middle of the city.